DIY for Woman

There’s nothing worse than waiting for someone else to fix your house repairs. You can learn to fix most of the little, and a lot of the not so little, things that can go wrong in a house or apartment. With the necessary information and some self- confidence, you’ll find that you can take on and complete most repair projects on your own. Even if you cannot repair or fix a broken object, you’ll have enough understanding of it to talk intelligently to a service person. You don’t have to be afraid of being taken advantage of or of appearing ignorant.

We, as woman often assume that we are incapable of or don’t have the necessary skills to solve a house problem. However, once we see someone else doing it, and especially another woman, we become more interested in doing it ourselves. And, once you become inspired to help yourself, you can become an inspiration to other women. Go into each project knowing that you can do it, be willing to laugh at your mistakes, and you’ll be surprised at how easy it really is. And how empowered you feel once you complete it!

We have some funny stories in our journeys to learning how to repair and maintain house projects. Some of them were not so funny at the time, but looking back, we have to laugh at how we perceived the way that things worked and what the solutions were. After you’ve undertaken some house repairs yourself, we hope that you’ll have some amusing incidents to relate also. We also hope that you will have gained the confidence to continue to fix and to learn more about how things work, why they don’t work, and how to create a solution for your repair or maintenance problems.

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